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Located in Huntington Beach, California (Surf City) WHITE SANDS MUSIC has been serving the Southern California area since 1985.
Specializing in quality live music entertainment, recording & producing, WHITE SANDS MUSIC provides services tailored to your musical needs. Owner KERRY CHESTER, a full time working musician himself, has sought to bring together the best musicians in So Cal with the beach communities for live events as well as producing recording projects for radio and television, corporations, and individuals or bands seeking to make CD’s of their own music.

A full time member of The SURFTONES & CHESTERFIELD BLUES, KERRY works closely with some of the best booking agencies in So Cal and on any givin’ weekend you’ll find one of his bands in concert at a city, pier, or park, or at a corporate event in Southern California.
WHITE SANDS MUSIC has dedicated itself to furthering the development of not only live music but also recorded music. Working with a host of fully equipped professional recording studios in Orange and L.A. Counties, KERRY CHESTER has played on and/or produced hundreds of recording sessions over the last 20 years and WHITE SANDS MUSIC has it’s own demo studios available that can put out broadcast quality music at an affordable cost.

With an experienced team of songwriters, WHITE SANDS MUSIC can create musical scores and soundtracks for television and movies or original songwriting for any project large or small.

    Contact us at (714) 465-0675 for more details - Surf's Up!